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How it Works : The Website Design Process

The KISS method to website quotes, no hassles, just an organized plan to get your new website up and rolling.

1- You select your website or website redesign package and complete our design order forms which takes you thru the payment process.  You will be required to put half (50%) down to schedule your website design and cover designing labor, including administrative labor listed below.

2- Our Webmaster Department sets you up with a private area on our website where you can communicate with our team and upload your photos, flyers, brochures, etc. 

4- Your domain name will be purchased and secured, and website hosting is created.

5- Your email addresses and website forms are created.

5- A temporary web page with your company name, services, service cities/region and contact information is published within 48 hours of website design purchase and domain name selection. (Occasionally it may take up to 72 hours for the domain to propagate.. we are at the whim of the Internet on this one.)

3- We schedule your web site design project.  Our waiting list generally runs around 2 weeks.  Please check here:

Your web site design Week

1-[Monday/Tuesday] We present you with three website layouts to choose from and you let us know which design layout you like or if you don't like them. Provide us with any/all design layout changes you would like to see. All wording can be changed at the time your website has been converted to the HTML version.

2-[Tuesday-Wednesday] When the website layout is decided on we enter your text and forms and show you the web pages at a temporary url. You let us know of any adjustments you would like made.

3-[Friday] When we have your website pages just the way you want you give us the OK to issue your final invoice. If you have selected extra photos or wanted extra website pages we add it to this invoice.

4-[Friday] Upon payment of that we publish your website LIVE!. This is done usually within an hour of payment notification.

5-[Friday] Once your website is live we provide all of your website access information so you have it for quick reference.

Please Note: 

If you are paying by e-check we do not purchase domain names or set up hosting until we have received notice that funds have cleared.  No exceptions. Please expect a two week delay when paying by check

To maintain a proper schedule for you and our other customers as well as the staff that is relying on being paid for their part in your project,  proper communication is a must.  We set you up in a private, easy to use communication area. 
This allows all of us to see the same information and progress and eliminates anyone 'wondering' if 'that email' went thru.  In this area you will be able to upload your photos, be given links to places where you can pick out photos, upload your marketing materials and discuss ideas you have with our professionals.