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Have a website for your cleaning company but looking a for a little change?

If you already have a website for your cleaning company but are ready to give your online presence a face lift you have come to the right place.

Our value packed re-design options offer the features of our regular website design. 

Want a few pages added?  That's fine, use the chart to the right to check your approximate cost.

Have some wording (content) you want changed?  Not a problem.

Want your photos changed?  It's a plan, you're covered.  We will give you access to thousands of photos to chose from.

In addition, if you are ready to change hosting we will throw in a year free.

We take into consideration that because you have an existing website that having an "Under Construction Page" just isn't cool.  Your new site will be created on a hidden url.  After and only after you have approved the final design will be have your new site go live.  Now every once in a while we have customers who say 'scrap the old site now!'.  If that's you just let us know.

This series of forms below will take you thru the process of ordering your website.  At the end you will be required to accept the terms of agreement and put a 50% deposit down to secure your scheduling that will go toward our time setting up your account, hosting and purchasing your domain name.

This is a no surprise zone---If you have not already done so we encourage you to read our TOS and check the waiting list.  Please understand that we aren't crazy about waiting lists either but keep in mind there would never be one if our services weren't in demand and also that there are two key times of the year when cleaning companies start looking hard at their marketing.  As a result you will notice longer waiting lists in the months of August, September, October, February, March and April.  Good news though, re-designs are generally scheduled 3 weeks or less from time of order.

Thanks for choosing CleanOutlook.com...we look forward to getting to know you and learning about your company!


The Packages

A redesigned website and a year of hosting 
Offered ONLY to cleaning companies.

If your existing website has (or you want it to have)

Up to 5 pages


Up to 10 pages


Up to 15 pages


Up to 20 pages


Up to 25 pages


Up to 30 pages


Over 30 pages?

Contact us for a Quote




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